as 50 cent once said i don't play but i'm a player to the motherfuc** end🤪🥴

my best and closest friend nobody_can_hurt_me

relationship status 

not saying I'm done 

if u want me i have high exaptation's 

1, you have to be smart in school

2 you have to have a good personality

3 u have to be kind, caring and loving 

4 i want someone who is not afraid to speak up in the bed and other wise i want someone strong

5 i want someone i can party with 

6 i want someone who want a family 

7 i want someone who knows i love the way i want to be love 

8 and last one if i'm with u i'm not a 2nd choice u get 110% of me or nothing if i give u my heart plz to break it

my name is august I'm 15 and a guy. I'm pansexual. I am in 10th grade; I like to read sleep play video games. things I do in my spare time. I have a very dark bad side, but I'm usually nice. I love music. Some songs I like are, listen before I go, her last words, falling, nobody knows and misunderstood. I love anime and roleplaying.  don't touch me without asking me, I love cats.  I LOVE PANCAKES/For the boys get high for life🥴🥴🥴🥴😵😵😵I don't hate people unless u give me a reason to, I'm really friendly I love 🍫🍫🍫🍫 I would do anything for it. look i like to flirt and tease but only few have felt my love.

all i want to say is that if u think u can mess with me think again because i won't care what u say cuz i'm to busy being me i'm busy proving your wrong about who or what i am. i am me so u can back off i will be myself i will prove u wrong every time and prove my worth every time so i'm done with the people trying to push me down i will push u aside and push u away if it helps me be better its a step up or get step on world and looks like most of yall going to get stepped on so bye cya i ain't going to help u 

i'm not the one in orange