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Hello everyone!!

About Online Coaching:

I am a FIDE Candidate Master and Canadian National Master. I excel at teaching endgames as I have memorized many famous positions and will be able to guide students around multiple endgame concepts. I don't just explain the "what" part of how a position and/or opening works. I also explain "how" and the "why." I had a student who played in the U10 Canadian Youth Chess Championships and won 2nd place. If anyone is interested, please private message me for a time arrangement. Also check out my website, and check out everything there! 

Main Profile:

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Club: 800+ members on the road to 1000

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My luckiest game and Rook vs Knight masterpiece mate

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How to beat an FM in less than 20 moves: 

How I Beat a GM in 8 Moves!!!

Also Beat an IM in 14 moves!!

Also beat another IM in 10 moves due to a Kf8 bruh moment lol

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