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6 de des. 2017
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fa 3 h
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Mestre FIDE

Ecologist and Fide Master with one IM norm.

Visit my website https://marcoferrante.wixsite.com/marcoferrante

Available for chess lessons from November 2019. 

I speak Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Chess reviews: 

I am absolutely delighted to have had the chance to learn with Marco. His teaching proved to be very useful as I believe have improved significantly my chess skills in a relatively short time. His lessons were very instructive and interesting as Marco likes to instillate ideas and concepts which are based on an understanding of chess more than a strict application of methods. His teaching is moreover very complete as he will give you regular exercises (tactics, strategy and games analysis) and always take the time to give and explain the corrections. The classes can be demanding in time and mental effort, but it only proves his commitment to give you a proper understanding of chess. Lastly, Marco is a great person, really funny and it all made it more enjoyable to be learning with him. Julien (caiming on Chess.com)

I was never able to study chess until I start studying with Marco, there is no boring lesson! Marco is an amazing chess coach. Very knowledgeable, patient, and well-organized. He has helped me to understand many chess concepts that wasn't part of my understanding. He also helped me to spot my weaknesses and at the same time taught me to focus on development of my chess strength. Our lesson has a range of topics including, game analysis, openings studies that fits our style of play, explained tactics and strategy exercises, different approaches to visualize/calculate a game, game structures and much more. I would highly recommend to study with Marco if you are looking for a coach. Five stars! Leticia (leticia1406 on Chess.com)

Marco is a wonderful teacher, with a love of both chess and teaching, and so therefore gives a lot of effort and dedication to his students. He gives his time generously and professionally, answering questions thoroughly, finding alternating ways to help his students to understand a concept. His teaching is efficient, well-planned and thought out, taking carefully selected games in which he finds would showcase an idea most effectively and brilliantly. He will offer and dedicate himself to as much work as you can handle. He is passionate about chess; he loves the game, and in my opinion this is the first necessarily irreplaceable quality in any teacher: that they must be dedicated and passionate about what they teach. Additionally, because of his love of the game, he is himself dedicated to his own personal improvement, constantly learning, reading, and gaining even more knowledge and understanding to transfer to his students. But knowledge and the best way to play is not the only thing he teaches, he also teaches how to think, and trains his students to think in a different way, if necessary, to consider how to win. Additionally part 2: because of his love of teaching, he is always trying to find and refine the best method in which his students can learn. All he asks is a similar passion from his students. In essence, he dedicates much effort and care to carefully selected students. Be hard-working, and you will gain a lot. He is methodical, patient, and knows how to get into your thinking and help you to reach an understanding. Jenny (GeronimoChu on Chess.com)