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28 Oct
6:30 pm
LVCA Friday Night Blitz Chess, Open-U1200
7 & 9 pm Events, USCF Rated 8 Rds, G/5, d2
Local Tournaments
29 Oct
10 am
Carroll Capps Memorial Tournament
The 45th Carroll Capps Memorial Tournament
Local Tournaments
29 Oct
1st Great North Chess Tournament
Rapid play and Blitz tournament-North-East England
International Tournaments
29 Oct
11:30 am
The Autumn Knight Chess Tournament
SCHOLASTIC - K-12, 4 sections
Local Tournaments
29 Oct
1:00 pm
LVCA-Oct 29th Open/U1200 Chess Quad(1191+ Events)
2 Sections, Game 40 minutes,5 sec.-delay
Local Tournaments
2 Nov
7:00 pm
Lehigh University Chess Club (OpentoPublic)
7 pm ONLY Event, Rated G/7;d3 3+ Rds
Local Tournaments
4 Nov
North Carolina State Chess Championships
State Championship and Amateur Championship
Local Tournaments
5 Nov
8:00 am
15th Ann. HFY Scholastic Fall Championship
3 Sections: Open & U1200 Rated, Age based
Local Tournaments
5 Nov
10:00 am
15th Ann HFY/LVCA Saturday Quads at Northampton CC
(3) Rd-Round Robin, G/30 d5, Registration 8-10 am
Local Tournaments
11 Nov
7:30 p.m.
15th Annual Turkey Bowl
Multi sections, Open section is FIDE rated.
International Tournaments