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  • IMJeremy Silman

    " I was amazed when I first saw Chess Mentor! It is the ultimate chess teaching tool. I can now provide instruction in ways that I only dreamed of being able to do with chess books. "

  • GMWalter Browne

    " The only chess program I've ever seen which asks all the questions, and has all the answers and explanations. Any player, from novice to expert, finally has the chance to improve by leaps and bounds! "

  • IMLarry Kaufman

    " Chess Mentor seems to be the premier teaching program on the market today. I am sure that your strength will go up if you follow the program and put in the necessary time. "

#LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
dem001 The Object of the Game
Misc 900 Begin Lesson
dem002 The Power of Discovery
Tactics 1400 Begin Lesson
dem003 Basic Mate: King and Two Bishops vs. King
Endgames 1300 Begin Lesson
dem004 Converting Positional Advantages
Misc 1300 Begin Lesson
dem005 The Knight Fork in the Opening
Openings 1500 Begin Lesson
dem006 A common trick with pawns
Tactics 1400 Begin Lesson
dem007 Exploiting an Open File
Strategy 1400 Begin Lesson
dem008 Deep Blue - Kasparov, Game 1 of 1996 Match
Games 1500 Begin Lesson
dem009 Fischer-Gadia, Mar del Plata 1960
Strategy 1400 Begin Lesson
dem010 Spassky-Petrosian, Moscow (World Championship) 1969
Strategy 1600 Begin Lesson
dem011 Meinsohn - Meng, France 2002
Attacks 1100 Begin Lesson
dem012 Lesson 7
Strategy 1800 Begin Lesson
dem013 Yusupov - Spiridonov
Attacks 1300 Begin Lesson
dem014 Be ready for the Reti
Openings 1500 Begin Lesson
dem015 Lesson 22
Endgames 1500 Begin Lesson
dem016 To Grab Space or Not to Grab Space?
Strategy 1800 Begin Lesson
dem017 Balancing Imbalances
Strategy 1800 Begin Lesson
dem018 Pawn Tension is Your Friend
Strategy 1700 Begin Lesson
dem019 The Silent Consensus
Misc 1500 Begin Lesson
dem020 Lesson 2
Strategy 1600 Begin Lesson
SVB001 Moving the Rook
Openings 800 Begin Lesson
SVB002 Moving the Bishop
Misc 700 Begin Lesson
SVB003 Moving the Queen
Misc 800 Begin Lesson
SVB004 Moving the King
Misc 500 Begin Lesson
SVB005 Moving the Knight
Misc 700 Begin Lesson