Play Against Bobby Fischer

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by IM Igor Khmelnitsky

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To have successful results in chess you must do well in critical positions.

The first task is to recognize a critical position - for example one in which your opponent has created a threat or the one when you have an opportunity to create or execute a threat.

The second task is to assess such situation properly and come up with quality move-candidates.

Finally, using calculation as well as your knowledge base, to come up with the best move.

Experienced players go through this process naturally. For improving player, I recommend to break it down in the steps mentioned above. When you start doing it methodically like this, you will be able to make better decisions and get better results no matter who you are playing against. Even the world champion can be drawn or even beaten if you maintain your focus and your composure.

Don't believe me? Well, here I collected 25 examples from the games of chess legend, 11th World Champion Robert Fischer. In each of these examples, you will 'partner' with Fischer's opponent and be given an opportunity to examine Fischer's last move, identify Fischer's objectives, come up with your move-candidates and execute the best move (and often a series of moves). This is your chance to 'virtually' compete against one of the best chess players ever. He will put serious pressure on you - create threats and be evasive, attack you and fiercely defend. The positions will range from Middlegame to Endgame, Tactics to Strategy, Easy to Complex...

If you take your time and maintain your focus, you can do well in this task. And if you can do well against Fischer, then you can play well against anyone. Just keep working on improving your skills and increasing your knowledge base.

Good luck!


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PAF001 Lesson 1 Tactics 1500 -
PAF002 Lesson 2 Strategy 1600 -
PAF003 Lesson 3 Tactics 1600 -
PAF004 Lesson 4 Endgames 1800 -
PAF005 Lesson 5 Strategy 1000 -
PAF006 Lesson 6 Tactics 1200 -
PAF007 Lesson 7 Endgames 1400 -
PAF008 Lesson 8 Endgames 1600 -
PAF009 Lesson 9 Tactics 1900 -
PAF010 Lesson 10 Tactics 1500 -
PAF011 Lesson 11 Strategy 2200 -
PAF012 Lesson 12 Tactics 1900 -
PAF013 Lesson 13 Tactics 1700 -
PAF014 Lesson 14 Tactics 1900 -
PAF015 Lesson 15 Endgames 1400 -
PAF016 Lesson 16 Strategy 2300 -
PAF017 Lesson 17 Endgames 1600 -
PAF018 Lesson 18 Endgames 1800 -
PAF019 Lesson 19 Tactics 1600 -
PAF020 Lesson 20 Endgames 1500 -
PAF021 Lesson 21 Endgames 1700 -
PAF022 Lesson 22 Strategy 1800 -
PAF023 Lesson 23 Strategy 1500 -
PAF024 Lesson 24 Endgames 1700 -
PAF025 Lesson 25 Tactics 1600 -