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by IM John Grefe

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Pawn play is a vast subject. In this course we're going to cover its most typical - and some atypical - aspects. Some puzzles will focus on tactics, others on strategy. A few of the ideas covered: Strong and weak pawns; the overall pawn structure; understanding how the characteristic pawn formations of various openings determines the middlegame plan; the fight for the center; pawns attacking and defending the King; advanced passed pawns, etc. etc. One final note: Even the slightest change in the pawn formation can have sweeping consequences, one example being when a fluid pawn formation suddenly becomes blocked by a simple pawn advance.


#LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
PPP001 Dangerous "Free" Pawns Tactics 1800 -
PPP002 Pawn Skirmishes in the Center Openings 1600 -
PPP003 E-file Blitzkreig Against the Uncastled King Attacks 1800 -
PPP004 Opening Passers Tactics 1800 -
PPP005 The Mobile Pawn Center Strategy 1600 -
PPP006 The King's Pawn Shield Openings 1800 -
PPP007 Bagging a Bishop Tactics 1800 -
PPP008 Pawn Support for Outposts Strategy 1600 -
PPP009 A "Keeper"? Pawn Structure Often Decides Strategy 1800 -
PPP010 The World's Biggest Pawn Chain Strategy 1800 -
PPP011 Middlegame Passers Tactics 1600 -
PPP012 Middlegame Majorities Strategy 1800 -
PPP013 The Isolated Queen Pawn Tactics 1800 -
PPP014 Restraining Enemy Pawns Strategy 1600 -
PPP015 Crippled Majority Strategy 1800 -
PPP016 A Tough Decision Strategy 1800 -
PPP017 Middlegame Passers Tactics 1800 -
PPP018 Hunter or Prey? Tactics 1600 -
PPP019 Two Passers for a Piece Strategy 1800 -
PPP020 Buried Alive Tactics 1800 -