Clever Escapes from Common Mating Attacks

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by FM Joel Banawa

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Raise the shields! Most players would rather attack than defend - but if you want to take your game to the next level, you must learn the art of defence. Developing solid defensive skills will improve your understanding of chess - and your rating. What is the key to success? To be unbreakable, you must be familiar with thematic mating attacks. This course will give you ideas and tricks every tournament player needs to defend against checkmate. Learn to frustrate your attackers and win more games!


#LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
DEF001 Should You be Scared? Misc 1600 -
DEF002 Develop and Defend Misc 1400 -
DEF003 Oops! Where can I move?!? Misc 1800 -
DEF004 There's Always Hope Misc 1400 -
DEF005 The Tables Have Turned!!! Misc 1400 -
DEF006 Simplify by Overpowering Misc 1800 -
DEF007 Simplify and Win Misc 1400 -
DEF008 A King's Best Friend Misc 1600 -
DEF009 Simplify to Deny Misc 1400 -
DEF010 Anticipate and Prevent Misc 1800 -
DEF011 A simple retreat... Misc 1200 -
DEF012 Easy as Pie Misc 1400 -
DEF013 Deflect and Draw Misc 1600 -
DEF014 Use The Force, Black! Misc 1800 -
DEF015 Save The Last Dance Misc 1800 -