Premature Attacks on the King

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by FM Joel Banawa

  • Category: Attacks
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Knowing when to sacrifice material in order to open up your opponent's King is one of the most important tactics to learn in chess. Proper execution of this maneuver must take in to account all of a defender's pieces (or lack thereof) to determine whether or not the sacrifice will work and is sound, and/or if you have a continuation to follow the try.


#LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
S001 Premature attacks on the King Attacks 1200 -
S002 Knights are strong defensive pieces! Misc 1000 -
S003 Attack on h2 Attacks 1400 -
S004 A mysterious defensive rook move Misc 1200 -
S005 Don't panic! Misc 1400 -
S006 An unexpected dangerous diagonal Misc 1400 -
S007 A premature sacrifice on h3 Misc 1600 -
S008 The best defense is sometimes indirect Attacks 1600 -
S009 Looking for sneaky f7 sacrifices... Misc 1600 -
S010 Double Trouble Part 1... Misc 1600 -
S011 Double Trouble Part II Misc 1600 -
S012 Need a Lift? Attacks 1600 -
S013 Removing an attacker from an active square. Misc 1400 -
S014 An Emergency Switch Misc 1600 -
S015 Reduce the Heat Misc 1400 -