Weak Color Complexes Explained

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by IM David Pruess

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Being sensitive to weak color complexes provides extremely important insight into positional and tactical chess play. It often shapes the entire middlegame struggle, and informs the decisions made as early as the opening phase of the game. Yet many players don't even know what a "weak color complex" is; and many others have heard of it, but partly wonder if it's an artificial abstraction invented by secret grand mages of chess's professional society in order to cloud their art in obscurity.

But weak color complexes most definitely do exist, and-- if you have already acquired some basic calculation skills, and put a serious dent in the frequency of your blunders-- you need to have some idea of what they are in order to get a grasp on the true nature of chess.

This exhortation is followed by an invitation: work your way through the introductory course offered here, and I promise you will:

- Know what a weak color complex is;

- Be able to look at a position and determine whether it has a weak color complex as a feature;

- Know a couple ways to create a weak color complex;

- Know a couple ways to exploit a weak color complex, and the sad sod saddled with it.

Plus, you'll have a better eye for when to look for tactical blows, you'll become wittier, fitter, and smarter!


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WCC002 Restriction 2 Tactics 1200 -
WCC003 Basic Exploitation Attacks 1000 -
WCC004 Basic Exploitation 2 Tactics 1000 -
WCC005 Paralyzing Domination Strategy 1200 -
WCC006 Weak Color Complexes are Hard to Repair Strategy 1200 -
WCC007 Converting an Exchange Tactics 1200 -
WCC008 Creating a Weak Color Complex Strategy 1400 -
WCC009 Yet Another Exploit Tactics 1000 -
WCC010 Weak Diagonals or Weak Pawns? Strategy 1400 -
WCC011 Probing Strategy 1400 -
WCC012 Another Way to Use those Squares! Tactics 1600 -
WCC013 Restriction 3 Tactics 1200 -
WCC014 More on Trading Strategy 1600 -
WCC015 An Exercise Tactics 1200 -
WCC016 Keeping up the Pressure Strategy 1600 -
WCC017 Creating a Weak Color Complex 2 Strategy 1400 -
WCC018 Trading for an Absolute Diagonal Strategy 1600 -
WCC019 Infiltrating the Enemy Strategy 1600 -
WCC020 Accessing the Weak Squares Tactics 1600 -
WCC021 Bonus Exercise 1 Strategy 1600 -
WCC022 Bonus Exercise 2 Tactics 1400 -
WCC023 Bonus Exercise 3 Tactics 1600 -
WCC024 Two Tools for Highlighting a Weak Color Complex Strategy 1800 -