Knight Endgames (Pt 2) - Both Sides Have Knights

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by Dejan Bojkov

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This course shows the most important methods of battle in endgame positions where both players have knights. It features some extremely important exact positions, as well as the typical strategical ideas behind some complex endgames that will help the student better understand the ideas behind knight endgames. The positions cover a range of material from 1000 level all the way up to expert (2000). Enjoy! By the way, as "part 2" suggests, you will be able to understand this course muuuuuuuch better if you first study my previous course, Knight Endgames Part 1.


#LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
KVK001 Deflection Endgames 1000 -
KVK002 Knight and a Pawn Versus a Knight Endgames 1200 -
KVK003 Perpetual Check Endgames 1200 -
KVK004 Pawn Two Steps from Promotion Endgames 1400 -
KVK005 Zugzwang Ideas Endgames 2200 -
KVK006 Two Pawns versus One Endgames 2000 -
KVK007 Team Work Endgames 1600 -
KVK008 3 versus 2 on the Same Flank Endgames 1800 -
KVK009 3 versus 2 on the Same Flank (Pawns Are Separated) Endgames 2000 -
KVK010 Passed Pawns Endgames 1800 -