The Drawing Zone, Part 1

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by Bryan Smith

  • Category: Endgames
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Everyone wants to be a winner in chess. But don't forget that part of winning is...not losing! Every chess player, from the earliest beginner to the world champions, sometimes has a game that gets derailed and needs to be saved. Part of improving in chess is learning how to defend a disadvantageous ending and save the draw. This improves your results just as much as winning an advantageous ending does. There is also a beauty in saving a difficult ending, in holding on with subtle and dour defense. This first part will deal with more basic endgames - part 2 will deal with more complicated defenses. So now let's sit back and learn how to keep the game in the DRAWING ZONE!


#LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
TDZ001 A Tale of a King and a Pawn Endgames 800 -
TDZ002 Philidor's Method Endgames 1000 -
TDZ003 One-For-One Endgames 1000 -
TDZ004 The Harakiri Bishop Endgames 1200 -
TDZ005 Kramnik's Mistake Endgames 1000 -
TDZ006 The King is Happy to be Trapped?! Endgames 1200 -
TDZ007 Calculating to the Finishing Line Endgames 1200 -
TDZ008 Building the Stone Wall Endgames 1200 -
TDZ009 King Behind the Barricade Endgames 1400 -
TDZ010 Counterplay Endgames 1400 -
TDZ011 Defensive Simplification Endgames 1400 -
TDZ012 Two Knights Defense?! Endgames 1200 -
TDZ013 Leaving the Active Rook Endgames 1600 -
TDZ014 Ponziani's Position Endgames 1400 -
TDZ015 Preparing the Perpetual Endgames 1400 -
TDZ016 King and Queen Bound Endgames 1400 -
TDZ017 Shouldering Endgames 1400 -
TDZ018 Shadow Defense Endgames 1200 -
TDZ019 The Best Chance Endgames 1600 -
TDZ020 You Can Play Better Than Lasker! Endgames 1800 -