The Amazing Combinations of Mikhail Tal 1

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by GM Dejan Bojkov

  • Category: Tactics
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Mikhail Tal was the eighth world champion (1960). He shined like a meteor all his life and was known for his brilliant attacking chess. His play could be described by all the colours of the rainbow. All of them, but the grey one! Enjoy his sparkling combinations!


#LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
10T001 Air for the King Tactics 1200 -
10T002 Drag that King out! Tactics 1800 -
10T003 Get the King at Home! Tactics 1600 -
10T004 Get the King at Home- Domination! Tactics 2000 -
10T005 An Open File There is... Tactics 1800 -
10T006 Spinning and Reeling Tactics 1400 -
10T007 The Soldier General Tactics 1600 -
10T008 Like a Bolt from the Blue Tactics 1800 -
10T009 Danger in the Center Tactics 1600 -
10T010 Falling into a Trap Tactics 1800 -