Intermediate: Strategy

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by NM Alexander King & IM Danny Rensch

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This course is a break from the move-to-move tactics that we've been covering so far with the Beginner level courses. Now we're going to cover STRATEGY - the long-term structural considerations that reveal the depth and inner logic of chess! To clearly define strategy in chess: Strategy is any move that doesn't create the clear threat of a tactic or capture of an enemy piece. Strategy is every maneuver, minor improvement of a piece to a better square, and every long term plan developed in a game. On that note, strategy is closely linked to planning, so we will also talk a lot about PLANNING in this course, and why it is so important to never make moves without a plan.


#LessonCategoryRatingMy Score
ISG001 Introduction to Strategical Thinking Strategy 1000 -
ISG002 Good vs. Bad Pieces Strategy 1000 -
ISG003 Using Knights Strategy 1000 -
ISG004 Using Bishops Strategy 1000 -
ISG005 Using Rooks Strategy 1000 -
ISG006 Rooks on the 7th Rank Strategy 1000 -
ISG007 Using the Queen Strategy 1000 -
ISG008 Pawn Structures Strategy 1000 -
ISG009 Making a Plan Strategy 1200 -
ISG010 Making a Plan 2: Kingside or Queenside? Strategy 1200 -