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  • Jaenisch, Karl (Carl) Friedrich von

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    Karl Jaenisch (1813-1872) was a Russian chess player and analyst.  In 1842 he gave the name to the French Defense (1.e4 e6) and the Center Game (1.e4 e5 2.d4) in his book Analyse Nouvelle des ouvertures du jeu des Echecs.  He was a Major... Read More »

  • Jan Timman

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    Jan Timman is a Dutch GM. He was born in Amsterdam, December 14 1951. His peak rating was in the 2600s. He is currently rated 2571. He used a wide variety of openings and popularized a large opening repitorire. He has played in 13 chess olympiads ... Read More »

  • Janowski, Dawid Markyelovich

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    Dawid Janowski (1868-1927) was a Polish chess player of Grandmaster strength and addicted gambler.  In 1901 he won an international tournament at Monte Carlo and lost all his first place money in the casino the same evening the tournament end... Read More »

  • Japan

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    Chess Facts related to Japan. During World War II, the Japanese confiscated chess books thinking they were military codes. In 1962, they held their first international chess tournament, organized by the Japanese Chess Federation, in Yokohama. It... Read More »

  • Jerome, Alonzo

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    Alonzo Wheeler Jerome was born on March 8, 1834 in Four Mile Point, New York.      In September, 1863, he was drafted into the Union army during the Civil War, where he served as quartermaster, attaining the rank of quartermaster sergeant. ... Read More »

  • Jones, Stephen

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    Stephen L. Jones was born in Austin, Texas on September 26, 1942.  He is a Los Angeles attorney and FIDE master and a correspondence Senior International Master.  He had been a professor of mathematics at the University of Massachusetts ... Read More »

  • Judd, Max (Maximilian Judkiewich)

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    Max Judd (Maximlian Judkiewich) was born in Cracow on December 27, 1851 and emigrated to America  in 1862.  He was an American cloak manufacturer, consul-general in Vienna, and chess master.  In 1881, he lost a chess match with Geor... Read More »

  • Judit Polgar vs Vishwanathan anand

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    I shall show you a spectacular game between Judit Polgar and Vishwanthan Anand in 1999.  Read More »

  • Junge, Klaus

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    Klaus Junge (1924-1945) was a German player who was born in Chile and moved to Germany in the 1930s.  In 1941, at the age of 17, he tied for first place in the German championship.  In Prague 1942, he tied for first with Alekhine.  ... Read More »