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  • N.N.

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    Nescio Nomen, a Latin phrase meaning name unknown.  It has been customary to use N.N. for the given name of an unknown person. Read More »

  • футбол

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    давайте сыграем в футбол Read More »

  • Najdorf, Miguel

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    Miguel Najdorf (1910-1997) was a Polish-born player who stayed in Argentina after the outbreak of World War II and became a naturalized citizen of Argentina five years later.  Najdorf escaped the Holocaust, but he lost his wife, child, parents an... Read More »

  • Napier, William

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    William Napier (1881-1952) was English-born chessplayer.  He family moved to Brooklyn, New York when he was 5.  In 1896, at the age of 15, he won the Brooklyn Chess Club Championship.  He won the first British Chess Federation chess... Read More »

  • National Chess Day

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    National Chess Day Former President Gerald Ford proclaimed and designated National Chess day in October 09, 1976. But before it happened there was a series of requests from other groups concerned including the Regional Vice-president of United St... Read More »

  • Natural Move

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    A 'Natural Move' is most often used to refer to a move which accords with basic principles, and is therefore intuitively the kind of move which is appropriate for the given position. Although a move may look natural, that does not necessarily mak... Read More »

  • New Zealand

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    In 1863, the first New Zealand chess club, the Dunedin Chess Club, was formed.  In 1879, the first New Zealand Chess Championship was  held.  The winner was 55-year old Henry Hookham (1824-1898) of Christchurch.  The next ... Read More »

  • Newnes, George

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    George Newnes (1851-1910) was a newspaper and magazine publisher (Tit-Bits, Review of Reviews, and Country Life).   In 1892 he published The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.  He helped finance the early days of m... Read More »

  • Newspaper

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    Prior to the paper ending publication in 2003, the oldest newspaper chess column still in existence runs in The Illustrated London News, which first appeared in 1842.  The first newspaper chess column appeared in the Liverpool Mercury in 1813 and... Read More »

  • Nezhmetdinov, Rashid

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    Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1912-1974) was the first USSR master in chess and checkers.  In 1949 he won the Russian chess championship and immediately after, took 2nd in the Russian checkers championship.  He wrote the first chess book in the T... Read More »