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  • S move repetition

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    The 3 move repetition occurs when the position as a whole is repeated three times. If this occurs in a chess game, it would be considered a draw if it is claimed. Read More »

  • Sacrifice

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    To voluntarily give up material in the hope of gaining other advantages as compensation. The following is an example of using queen sacrifice to checkmate: Read More »

  • Sacrifices

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    A great example by Nakumura Proving why he is in the top ten. Now Lets take an example from Viswanathan Anand. Two neat examples of fine players in the top ten. Always look out for interesting continuations/ possibilities. Do you have any games ... Read More »

  • Saemisch, Friedrich

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    Friedrich Saemisch (1896-1975) was born in Berlin, he was awarded the title of International Grandmaster in 1950.  In 1921, he won the first Austrian chess championship.  Loser of more games of chess on time than any other master.  In 1959 at L... Read More »

  • Saint-Amant, Pierre

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    Pierre Saint-amant (1800-1872) was the leading French player after the death of Bourdonnais.  He was secretary to the Governor of French Guiana but was dismissed after he protested abouth the slave trade.  In 1823, he entered the wholesa... Read More »

  • Salvio, Alessandro

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    Alessandro Salvio (1570-1640) was a chess author from Naples, doctor, and best chess analyst of his time.  He defeated Paolo Boi in 1598 (who died three days later) and Geronimo Cascio in 1606.  He was unofficial world chess champio... Read More »

  • Santasiere, Anthony

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    Anthony Edward Santasiere (born 9 December 1904 – died 13 January 1977) was an American chess master. Chess career: 1920s-In 1923, Santasiere tied for 13-14th in Lake Hopatcong (Frank Marshall and Abraham Kupchik won). In 1924, he took 3rd, ... Read More »

  • Saragossa Opening

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    The Saragossa Opening (or Hempel's Opening) is a chess opening defined by the opening move: 1. c3Since White usually plays more aggressively in the opening, the Saragossa is considered an irregular opening, classified as A00 by theEncyclop... Read More »

  • Sarratt, Jacob Henry

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    Jacob Henry Sarratt (1772-1821) was a chess player and author.   He was a London schoolmaster and the first professional to teach in England.  He was the house professional at the Salopian coffee house in London who played for a guinea per game... Read More »

  • Savon, Vladimir

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    Vladimir Andreyevich Savon (1940-2005) was a Ukrainian Grandmaster (1973).  He played in 10 USSR championships and  won the 39th USSR Championship in 1971.  He was not even an International Master when he won the USSR championship.&... Read More »