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  • Wade Defense

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    The Wade Defence is a chess opening characterised by the initial moves: 1. d4 d62. Nf3 Bg4The position can also arise from the move order 1.Nf3 d6 2.d4 Bg4. The opening is named after British IM Bob Wade[1] (1921–2008), originall... Read More »

  • Waiting move

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    In chess parlance, a waiting move is a move that does not appear to contribute to the player's immediate tactical objectives, but instead shifts the burden of action to the opponent. Such a move may be inconsequential, reflecting a lack of a p... Read More »

  • Walker, George

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    George Walker was the writer of the first chess column to appear in a magazine, the Lancet, in 1823.  The column lasted less than a year.  In 1831 he formed the Westminster Chess Club, which was the leading club in England.  In... Read More »

  • Webb, Simon

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    Simon Webb (1949-2005) was an International Master (1977) and Correspondence Grandmaster (1983).  In 1966 he won the British Under-18 championship.  In 1969 he tied for 1st place (with Richard Eales) in the British Universities’ Ch... Read More »

  • Weinberger, Tibor

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    FIDE Master and USCF Senior Master. He was a Hungarian master who played in five Hungarian championships from 1952 through 1956. He came to the United States in 1957. In 1957, he won the Minneapolis Open and the New Jersey Open. In 1958, he ... Read More »

  • What did Bobby teach you?

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    He was one of the strongest players in the whole world...but little is know about his life. He was born in America (March,9 1943) and he quickly became the first American to win the official World Chess Championship. He was very very young when he... Read More »

  • What You Need to Know Well as a Beginner

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    The Tactics! If you are directed to the wrong page from my profile,please go back. Forks A fork is basically when one piece attacks two. Skewer When one piece attacks a more valuable piece and then a less valuable piece behind it. Pawns can't... Read More »

  • Why promotion is forced

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    Why is promotion forced? Think about it...supposing you could not promote, now what would happen to the pawn? The pawn would be stuck on it's square. Useless! Absolutely useless! Promotion is much better!   Queen promotion is usually bes... Read More »

  • Why you should almost never advance the soldier on f7!

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    You know in chess, your entire army works as a team!! But sometimes  a piece rebels against the king. They are out to cause trouble! Either that or they made the wrong move at the wrong time! In this case the f7 pawn made the same mistake! Or the... Read More »

  • Williams, Elijah

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    Elijah Williams was an English chess master who came in 3rd at the London International in 1851.  In 1852 he published Horae Divanianae (Hours of the Divan), a book of 150 chess games played at Simpson’ Divan.  It included the &ldq... Read More »