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  • Knight's tour

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    The “Knight’s Tour” is an ancient chess puzzle in which the object is to move a knight, starting from any square on a chess board, to every other square, landing on each square only once.  The Knight’s Tour problem fas... Read More »

  • Malta

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    The first recorded chess game in Malta was in 1880.  Leone Benjacar wrote chess articles for the Daily Malta Chronicle in 1880 and created the Malta Chess Club.  The Maltese Chess Association was formed in 1923.   The first off... Read More »

  • Mating Net

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    This article is in relation to Mating Patterns Parts 1 and 2. If you didn't read those yet, please do so before reading this. When you are attacking your opponent's king, the normal reaction is to check as much as possible. It gives you a feeling... Read More »

  • Abhyankar-Gokhale, Anupama

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    Anupama Abhyankar-Gokhale, born on May 17, 1969, is a chess master from India.  She was awarded the Women’s International Master title in 1985.  She married chess master Raghunandan Gokhale, chairman of the Mumbai Chess Association and Anupama... Read More »

  • Helms, Hermann

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    Hermann Helms (1870-1963) was the first dean of American chess.  In 1904, at the Cambridge Springs International, he was the first person to issue daily chess bulletins.  He wrote a chess column for 62 years, from 1893 to 1955 in the Bro... Read More »

  • Pachman, Ludek

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    Ludek Pachman (1924-2003) was a Grandmaster (1954) who was imprisoned twice in Czechoslovakia after openly protesting the Soviet occupation of his land in 1968.  He had been editor of one of the daily underground newspapers published illegall... Read More »

  • Winter, William

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    William Winter (1898-1955) was an International Master (1950).  He was a nephew of Sir James Barrie who wrote Peter Pan and two-time British champion (1935 and 1936).  He had been an active Communist Party organizer and was once sentence... Read More »

  • Adzic, Slobadan

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    Slobadan Adzic is a FIDE master.  He is a professional journalist living in Novi Sad.  From 1985 to 1992, he was the chess editor of the daily newspaper Dnenik in Novi Sad.  In 1985, he founded Chess Press in Novi Sad, then moved it... Read More »

  • Mating Patterns

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    Hi! This is Chessking47 (or CK47) writing about Mating Patterns. First, Anastasia's Mate.              I hope you enjoyed that cute mate. Now, the mate can be applied more strikingly. Combine decoy and clearance sacrifice. ... Read More »

  • Loyd, Sam

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    Sam Loyd (1841-1911) was the most famous American chess composer.  He was 14 when his first chess problem was published by a New York newspaper.  As a 16 year old, he served with Paul Morphy as a contributor to Chess Monthly.  When ... Read More »