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1934 in chess

In January 1934, the Log Cabin Chess Club was founded by E. Forry Laucks in West Orange, New Jersey.

In January 1934, Reuben Fine won the 17th Marshall Chess Club Championship.

On January 5, 1934, the 14th Christmas Congress finished in Hastings, England.  The Premier section was won by Salo Flohr.  The Premier Reserves section was won by George Koltanowski and Max Walter.

On January 12, 1934, Don Oswald was born in Ottawa, Kansas.  In 1979, he bought The Chess House from Jack Winters.  He died in 1994.

On January 24, 1934, Teodor Ghitescu was born in Bucharest.  In 1963, he won the Romanian Championship.  He was awarded the Emeritus (honorary) Grandmaster (HGM) title in 1986.  He died on November 22, 2008.

On February 17, 1934, Siegbert Tarrasch died in Munich.  In 1908, he was the challenger in the world chess championship, but lost to Emanuel Lasker.  He was a physician.

On February 18, 1934, Victor Chepizhny was born in Dnepropetrovsk, Russia.  In 1989, he was awarded the Grandmaster in Compositions (GMComp) title.

On February 18, 1934, Attila Koranyi was born in Hungary.  In 1988, he was awarded the IMComp title.  He died on November 17, 1997.

On February 24, 1934, Klaus Viktor Darga was born in Pankow, Germany.  He was awarded the Grandmaster (GM) title in 1964.  He retired from chess and became a computer programmer for IBM.

On March 2, 1934, Atanas Stefanov Kolarov was born in Ruse, Bulgaria.  He was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1957.

On March 3, 1934, Wolfgang Pauly died in Bucharest.  He was the greatest chess problemist of Romania.  He was born in 1876.

On March 15, 1934, Frank Brady was born in Brooklyn, New York.  He is the author of Endgame: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer.

On March 19, 1934, Borge Andersen was born in Denmark.  He won the Danish championship 4 times.  He was awarded the IM title in 1964.

On March 23, 1934, Arovah Bachtiar was born in Banjarmasin, Indonesia.  He was awarded the IM title in 1982.

From April 1 to  June 14, 1934, the world chess championship was held in 12 cities in Germany.  Alexander Alekhine defeated Efim Bogoljubow in the world championship.  Alekhine won 8 games, lost 3 games, and drew 15 games.  The stake was $10,000.  After the match, Alekhine tabled his annual challenge from Capablanca and accepted a world championship match with Max Euwe.

From April 28 to May 4, 1934, an International Chess Master’s Tournament (Maroczy Jubilee Tournament) was held in Budapest..  The winner was Andor Lilienthal.

On May 16, 1934, Josef Martin Boey was born in Antwerp, Belgium.  He won the Belgium championship 3 times.  In 1975, he was awarded the Correspondence Grandmaster (GMC) title in 1975.

On May 28, 1934, Helmut Marat Zajic was born in Austria.  He was an Austrian chess composer.  He died in 2008.

On June 13, 1934, Klaus Eberhard Engel was born in Berlin.  In 1983, he was awarded the GMC title.

On June 27, 1934, Bernard Cafferty was born in Blackburn, England.  He was the British correspondence champion in 1960.  In 1981, he became editor of the British Chess Magazine.

On July 5, 1934, Peter Dely was born in Sarospatak, Hungary.  In 1962, he was awarded the IM title.  In 1970, he won the Hungarian championship.  In 1999, he was awarded the Honorary GM (HGM) title.

On July 14-28, 1934, the Zurich Jubilee Tournament was held in Zurich.  In celebration of its 125th birthday, the Zurich Chess Club staged and international tournament.  Alexander Alekhine won the event with 12 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws (13), followed by Euwe and Flohr (12), Bogoljubow (11.5), Lasker (10), Bernstein and Nimzovich (9).

On July 20, 1934, Sverre Johannes Aarseth was born in Norway.  In 1981, he was awarded the International Master in Correspondence (IMC) title.  He is an astronomer by profession.

From July 21 to August 1, 1934, the 35th Western Open (US Open) was held in Chicago.  Samuel Reshevsky and Reuben Fine tied for 1st with a score of 7.5-1.5.   They were followed by Dake (6.5) and Denker (5.5).

From July 30 to August 11, the 27th British Championship was held in Chester, England.  The Championship section was won by George A. Thomas (8.5-2.5).

From August 13-25, 1934, the 56th New York State Chess Association was held in Syracuse, New York.   The Syracuse Masters Tournament was won by Samuel Reshevsky with 12 wins and 2 losses.  The State Championship had a tie for 1st place between E.B. Adams and Robert Levenstein.  Levenstein later won the play-off.

On August 15, 1934, Geurt Gijssen was born.  In 1979, he was awarded the International Arbiter title.

On September 28, 1934, Reinhart Fuchs was born in Berlin.  He was East German Champion in 1953 and 1956.  In 1962, he was awarded the International Master title.

On October 5, 1934, Rudy Blumenfeld was born in Bucharest.  He is a FIDE Master (FM).

On October 11, 1934, Michael J. Haygarth was born in Leeds, England.  In 1964, he won the British championship.  He tied for 1st in the 1959 and 1974 British championships, but lost the playoffs.

On October 18, 1934, Dolfi Drimer was born in Iasa, Romania.  In 1961, he was awarded the IM title.

On October 30, 1934, Jerome (Jerry) Hanken was born in Cincinnati.  He was a chess journalist, promoter, and Life Master.  He died in 2009 at the age of 74.

On November 12, 1934, Leonid Stein was born in Kamenets-Podolsky.  In 1962, he was awarded the GM title.  He won 3 USSR Chess Championships.  He died in 1973.

On November 20, 1934, Lev Polugaevsky was born.  He won the USSR championship 3 times.  In 1962, he was awarded the GM title.  He died in 1995.

On December 14, 1934, Paul Saladin Leonardt died of a heart attack in Konigsberg, East Prussia (now Kalingrad, Russia) while playing a game of chess.  In 1907, he won the Nordic championship.

In 1934, the Palestine Chess Federation was founded.

In 1934, Peter Romanovsky was the first Soviet chess player to be awarded the Honored Master of Sport.

In 1934, the Western Chess Association was enlarged to become the American Chess Federation.

In 1934, Annrliesse Ruegg, the former wife of Alexander Alekhine, died.

In 1934, the film The Black Cat was released in which Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff play a game of chess for which the stake is the life of a girl.

In 1934, the first Virginia State championship was held in Staunton, Virginia.  The winner was John N. Buck.

In 1934, Magnus Smith died in Titusville, Pennsylvania.  He was a former Manhattan Chess Club champion and a former Canadian chess champion.


-          Written by Bill Wall

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