A new opening-queens gambit reversed- jes variation

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now ithink you have learnt a new opening which is very magnificient
BY jeswin t from kerala,India
if you find any problems in this opening contact him itself!!!


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    not very well analysed as black can  losea piece easily

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    Great "new opening" !!!  What nonsense !

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    So[?] - after 6/.. Bxc5??, could 7/ Qxa5[!] Bxf2+[?]; 8/ Kxf2 Nxa5 be dubbed: The Queen's Sacrificial Indian Gambit Reversed - Jester Variation, then? ...

    First off, 3/ N-c3[!] (both 3/ P-c3[?] and 3/ P-e3 are too slow here, but 3/ P-c4[!?] could be enterprising as well) is probably better for White with no real problems thereafter.  I don't see White here (nor Black for that matter) making the best moves after 3/.. N-c6 (other than 7/ Qxa5[!]).

    Secondly, Black should always think things over (at least[!]) twice before attempting anything 'reversed' in current openings knowledge these days - someone out there has more than likely already refuted your best intentions! ...

    And lastly, very few ideas in current opening theory are totally original or 'new' in today's high standards of preparation, especially in the area of novelties.  As of now, it's probably best to stick clean as to what's already in fashion.

    And that's the way I see it! ...

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    7. QxQ NxQ

    8. BxB and white is a piece up...

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    Any suggestions for more improvemrnt
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    Black loses a piece.

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