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Aagaard, Jacob

Jacob Aagaard Madsen, born July 31, 1973, is a Grandmaster (2005) originally from Denmark, but now living in Glasgow, Scotland.  He is usually referred to simply as Jacob Aagaard.

He finished 2nd in the 111th Scottish Championship in 2004.  He took 1st in the 112th Scottish Championship in 2005, but was not a British citizen.  The title went to Craig Pritchett.

He represented Scotland as Board 4 in 2006 and Board 2 in 2008 at the chess Olympiads.

He is a prolific author of many popular chess books, including:

Easy Guide to the Panov-Botvinnik Attack (1998) (his first book)
Easy Guide to the Sicilian Kalashnikov

Easy Guide to the Sveshnikov Sicilian (2000)
Dutch Stonewall
Excelling at Chess (2001) (winner of the ChessCafe book of the year in 2002)Meeting
1.d4 (2002) with Esben Lund
Queen's Indian Defence (2002)

Excelling at Positional Chess (2003)
Excelling at Combinational Play (2004)
Learn to Identify and Exploit Tactical Chances (2004)
Excelling at Technical Chess (2004)
Excelling at Chess Calculation (2004)
Starting Out: The Gruenfeld Defence (2004)
Experts vs the Sicilian (2004 and 2006), with John Shaw
Inside the Chess Mind
Practical Chess Defense

The Attacking Manual I and II
The Attacking Manual I and II
(2010) (winner of the English Chess Federation and Guardian Book of the Year awards)
Experts on the Anti-Sicilian,
with John Shaw (2011)
Grandmaster Preparation

In 2007, he won the 94th British Chess Championship on his debut in the event with a score of 8.5 out of 11.

In 2011, he was awarded the title of FIDE Senior Trainer (FST).

In 2012, he won the Scottish Chess Championship.

His best ELO rating is 2538 in January 2010.

He is the co-owner of Quality Chess, a chess publishing house.

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