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Abbasov, Farid

Farid Abbasov was born in Azerbaijan on January 30, 1979.  In 1997, he took 2nd place in the European Youth Chess Championships.  He became a grandmaster in 2007. 

Tournament results include: 1st at Alushta 2004; 1st at Kireevsk in 2004; 2nd at Tula 2006; 2nd at Mevlana Open 2006; 1st at Rhode Open in France in 2007; 1st at La Fere Open in France in 2008.

In 2007, he won the gold medal in the international tournament held in Lahholm, Sweden.  However, thieves broke into his hotel room and stole his computer, flight ticket, and documents.

His best ELO rating is 2578 in 2008.

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