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Active Chess

Active chess (30 minutes per game) was introduced in 1987 by FIDE and was mostly used for demonstrations and other unofficial events.  The first official Active Chess (30 minutes per game) tournament was held in Gijon, Spain in 1988 and won by Karpov.  Karpov, in December of 1988, won the World Active Championship (a FIDE event with 61 players) in Mazatlan, Mexico and received $50,000.  The organizers of the event donated $100,000 for AIDS research.  Initial attempts to organize a world championship for active chess was opposed by world champion Gary Kasparov.  He was quoted as saying, “Active Chess?  What does that make me, the Passive World Champion?”  Later, Kasparov organized his own brand of fast chess, called “Rapid Chess” with a time control of 25 minutes a game.  This name and event was adopted by FIDE in 1989 so as not to imply an inactive chess title if FIDE awarded an Active Chess title.

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