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Adorjan, Andras

Andras Adorjan, born March 31, 1950, is a Hungarian chess grandmaster who took 2nd place, behind Anatoly Karpov, at the 1969 World Junior Championship in Stockholm.  At the time, he played under the name Andras Jocha.  He later adopted his mother’s surname, Adorjan.  He became an International Master in 1970 and a Grandmaster in 1973.  He is the author of Black is OK!  In 1977, during a game with Pachman in Munich, he had a heart attack and fell from his chair.  He was rushed to the hospital and survived.  In 1979 he tied (with Ribli) for 3rd-4th in the Riga Interzonal (behind Tal and Polugaevsky).  In 1980, he lost his Candidates match to Robert Huebner with 1 won, 2 losses, and 7 draws.  He won the New York Open in 1987.  His highest rating has been 2675.  

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