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Akhsharumova, Anna Markovna

Anna Markovna Akhsharumova, born Jan 9, 1957, is a Woman Grandmaster who finished first in the 1976 Soviet Women's Championship.  Her husband, Boris Gulko, tied for first in the 1977 Soviet Men's Championship.   By all rights, she should have won the 1983 Soviet Women's title played in Tallinn when she defeated her main competitor, Nana Ioseliani after she won by time forfeit.  It would have given her 12 points to Nana's 11 points.  The next day, Ioseliani filed a protest alleging a malfunction in the clock.  Anna refused to play.  The result of her game was arbitrarily reversed by the All-Union Board of Referees in Moscow, thereby forfeiting her title and ending up in 3rd place.  She was the USSR Women’s Champion in 1976 and 1984.  She and her husband emigrated to the United States in 1986.  She won the U.S. Women's championship in 1987 with a perfect 9-0 score.  In 1990, she tied for 5th-6th place in the Genting Women’s Interzonal.  Her current Elo rating is 2310.

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