Alekhine's Gun

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When two rooks are in front of a queen on a file, it is called Alekine's Gun. It is called this because Alekhine used this strategy against Nimzovich in a known game.

Idea from "The Complete Book of Chess Strategy" by IM Jeremy Silman


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    Well I guess he's not the first nor the last to do that? John 62

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    i have had this used against me, it is one of the easiest moves to counter if you see it comming 2-3 moves in advance

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    that depends

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    so the significance of this position has not been mentioned... am i supposed to assume i get the queen if i do this (which i know is not necessarily true)

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    it is preety stong

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    The main problem is that it usually takes several moves to set up so your opponent is likely to see it coming and move to deflect it.

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