Andersson, Ulf

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Ulf Andersson, born June 27, 1951, is a Swedish Grandmaster (1972) who is the all-time drawing master.  Against top-level opposition, he has drawn 74% of his games, winning 10%, and losing 16%.  In 1969, he was the Swedish Champion.  In 1970, he was awarded the International Master title.  In 1972, he was awarded the Grandmaster title.  In 1984 he was the 5th highest rated player in the world.  In 1996 he set a world record of playing 310 chessboards simultaneously, winning 268, drawing 40, and losing 2 games in 15 hours and 23 minutes.  It is estimated he walked over 7 miles during this exhibition.  In 1996 he became a Grandmaster is correspondence chess and is currently the highest rated correspondence player in the world.  He was the first person to beat Karpov after Karpov became world champion in 1975.


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    One of the best all-time defensive players
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    To play safe chess or if you need a draw, you must study the games of Ulf Andersson

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    hey, um does anyone know who Ulf Andersson versed at the Corus Chess Tournament in 1983?

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