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Atkins, Henry Ernest

Henry Ernest Atkins (1872-1955) was a British schoolmaster and mathematics teacher who won the British Championship 9 times out of 11 appearances, 7 times in a row (1905-1911, 1924, and 1925).   Only Jonathan Penrose has won it more often (10 times).  At Amsterdam in 1889, he won the Championship of the Netherlands with a perfect 15 out of 15 score.  He was the first foreign champion of the Netherlands.  He won the British amateur championship in 1895, 1897, and 1900.  In 1909, he was appointed Principal of Huddersfield New College.  In 1950 (FIDE's first titles), he was awarded the International Master title at the age of 78.    He played in only two international tournaments.  In 1902 he played at Hanover and took 3rd place, behind Janowsky and Pillsbury.  Tweny years later, in 1922, he played at London and took 10th out of 16.  He represented the British Chess Federation in the 1927 and 1935 Chess Olympiads.  He played in 12 British-American cable matches.

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