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Baginskaite, Camilla

Camilla Baginskaite was born in Vilnus, Lithuania on April 24, 1967.  At age 15, she became the youngest female master in Lithuania.  In 1986, she took 3rd place in the World Championship for Girls under 20.  In 1988, she won the World Championship for Girls under 20, held in Baguio, Philippines.  In 1996, she played 1st board for the Lithuanian women's team at the chess Olympiad in Yerevan.  There, she met American grandmaster Alex Yermolinsky.  A year later, she married Yermolinsky and moved to the USA.  In 2000, she won the US Women's Championship.  Her best ELO rating was 2365 in 2002.  Her highest USCF rating was 2468.

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