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Becker, Georg Albert

Gerog Becker (1896-1984) was an Austrian-born chess player and International Master (1953).  He played for Austria (1931), then Germany (1939), on their chess Olympiad team.  He was Austrian champion in 1925.  He was editor of Wiener Schachzeitung from 1926 to 1935.  In 1929 at Carlsbad , Becker said “I propose to open the Vera Menchik Club, whose members will be solely masters defeated by the lady world champion.”  Before the tournament at Carlsbad in which Menchik was playing, he said that he would go onstage as a ballerina if Menchik scored more than 3 points.  At Carlsbad (won by Nimzovich), she finished last with 2 wins, 2 draws (3 points) and 17 losses.  She beat Becker (the first member of the Vera Menchik Club) and Saemisch.   He settled in Argentina after the outbreak of World War II.  He was a supporter of Germany but was unable to return.

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