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Become Better At Chess, Part 1

Hello Everyone!
Today, I, John, will teach you my experiences in life about chess.
Chess is a very strategic game, proven to help with the cure of Alzheimer. It is not only fun to play, but challenging.

Now as you know, lots of people on this site and other chess sites, even in real life, want to improve their chess skills and become better at chess.

Chess is not only about skills and strategy, it is about will and talent. Today, I am going to explain very briefly on how to become better at chess in every way.

Now, I'm not the best player the world has seen, but I have some experience that I hope you can use.

Learning openings and reading chess books is not enough. You are going to need more than that (MUCH MORE!)

Now I know there are lots of articles and blogs about becoming a very great chess player, but those blogs and articles aren't going help you if you don't put some effort into learning.

These are the 5 steps you are going to need in order to become better at chess:

1. Say, for example, I really like music, and I love to play the piano. Before I began to play the piano, I knew nothing about it. I didn't know the music notes, I didn't know the music language, and sure as hell I didn't know how to play it.

Well, at first I really didn't want to play the piano because I knew that I wouldn't turn out to be a professional composer or even a pianist.

But, in this case jealousy helped me. My sister (although she really doesn't have much voice in singing) began to play the piano just for fun, she learned every day for 6 hours. Our aunt of course helped her out with all that she could, and even all of the members of the family helped her out. They taught her music notes, how to play the piano, and music language. Every day I heard the same thing: How great my sister is, and how great her pianist skills are. So, finally, I got tired of it and I decided that the only way to stop this blah-blah things was for me to start playing the piano.

So, I sat and learned everything (on my own). Finally, I was ready for the big concert, I began to play Fur Elise (Beethoven) with both hands fluently without even looking. So, I proved all the critics wrong who were telling me and the rest of my siblings that the only great pianist in our family was my sister.

Anyways, why did I just tell you this story? I'll tell you why! Because the only way to start learning to become better at chess, is to sit day and night for 6+ hours as I did, learning. How do you think I can play chess good today? Of course learning. I don't even know the openings, strategy, etc. I only know the game, and that's what I concentrate on.

And so should you, practice everyday, chess.com is a great way to improve your skills. Try Tactics Trainer, play with your family members, and watch some chess videos. That is the number one rule.

I'll meet you next week when I write the next article about "how to become better at chess."

If you enjoyed my writing, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, Thank you.

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