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Berger, Johann

Johann Nepomuk Berger (1845-1933) was a chess master, author, and educator from Graz.  In 1870 he won the first major tournament in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, held in Graz.  In 1873 he helped create the Sonnenborn-Berger tie-breaking system (first used in 1882), although he did not invent it.  In 1886 he won the world championship chess problem-solving contest.  He played in a correspondence chess tournament sponsored by Monde Illustre from 1889 to 1992 and won it with 45 wins, 3 draws and no losses.  From 1898 to 1911 he was co-editor of Deutsche Schachzeitlung.  In 1890 he wrote Theorie und Praxis der Endspiele (Theory and Practice of the Endgame) and revised it in 1922.  This was the first modern comprehensive book on practical chess endgames.  He also wrote Probleme, Studien und Partien 1862-1912.  He was an Austrian high school administrator (Pruvy Councillor).

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