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Berliner, Hans

Dr. Hans Berliner, born Jan 27, 1929, is a computer scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence and winner of the 5th world correspondence championship (1965-68).  His 3-point margin of victory (14-2) was the greatest margin of victory ever achieved in a World Championship final round, and his winning percentage was also the greatest of any World Champion.  His game with Yakov Estrin was voted the best game in the history of correspondence chess.  In 1979 he developed a backgammon-playing program that defeated the reigning World Backgammon Champion.  This was the first time that a World Champion had ever been beaten by a computer.  He was the first U.S. correspondence Grandmaster.  He helped develop the chess machine/program called Hitech, one of the strongest chess machines in the world.  It was the first computer program to become a US Chess Federation Senior Master.  Berliner wrote a chess program as part of his Ph.D. dissertation at Carnegie-Mellon University.  He won the Golden Knights Postal Chess Championship three times (1955, 1956, 1959).

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