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Blackmar, Armand

Armand Blackmar (1826-1888) was a music professor, music publisher, and amateur chess player.  He established a music house in New Orleans during the Civil War.  He wrote Southern patriotic music such as the Dixie War Song (1861), the Beauregard Manassas quick-step (1861), Southern Marseillaise (1861), and the Bonnie Blue Flag (1862).  The bonnie blue flag was the first Confederate flag.  He became the major wartime publisher of songs, issuing about half of the songs brought out during the Civil War.  However, the city was captured in 1862 and occupied by Union forces. His brother moved to Augusta, Georgia to carry on music publishing for the Confederacy.  Blackmar was arrested and imprisoned for publishing Confederacy music such as Bonnie Blue Flag..  The Union soldiers burnt his publishing company to the ground and confiscated all his Confederate States’ copyrights.  In 1881-1882 he analyzed and published the Blackmar Gambit (1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.f3) in the July 1882 issue of Brentano’s Chess.

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