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Bogatirchuk, Feodor

Feodor Parfenovich Bohatirchuk (1892-1984) was a Russian International Master (1954) from Kiev who emigrated from the USSR to Canada in 1949 and was the first persona non grata in Soviet chess.   In 1910, he won the Kiev Championship.  In 1912, he tied for 2nd in the championship of Czarist Russia.  He was the author of the first chess book in Ukrainian in 1926.  He won the USSR championship in 1927 (tied with Pyotr Romanovsky).  He played in 6 Russian championships.  He was a medical doctor and professor of radiological anatomy.  During World War II he was head of the Ukrainian Red Cross.   When Kiev fell in 1941, he joined the German medical research institute.  He was nominated by Canada for the Grandmaster title, but the Soviet representatives to FIDE protested this title, which he never received but deserved.  In 1967 he was awarded the International Master in Correspondence title.

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