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The first European book on chess is Juegos Axedrez, dados y tablas, written in the 13th century.  The first hardback book dealing with chess, Dass Goldin Spil, was published in Augsburg in 1472.  The first chess book printed in Russia was a translation of Benjamin Franklin's Morals of Chess, published in St. Petersburg in 1791.  The title was Pravila dlia Shashechnoi Igry (Rules for the Game of Chess).  However, the title used the word for checkers instead of the word for chess (shakmatnoi).  The first book to explain chess strategy was L'Analyze des Eschecs, by Philidor in 1749.  It went through more than 100 editions in ten languages.  The first chess book published in America was Chess Made Easy, printed and sold by James Humphreys of Philadelphia in 1802. This was just a reprint of Philidor's book published in 1796 with inclusion of Franklin’s Morals of Chess.  The first original American book was The Elements of Chess, published in Boston in 1805 by W. Pelham.  The first chess book entirely devoted to the analysis of a single opening, Analysis of the Muzio Gambit by Kassin and Cochrane, was published in India in 1829.  A book was published in German with the title, Advice to Spectators at Chess Tournaments.  All the pages were blank except the last.  On the last page were two words, Halt's Maul (keep your mouth shut).  The first book review was Chess by Twiss in 1787.

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