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Bronstein, David

David Ionovich Bronstein (1924-2006) was a Grandmaster (1950) and winner of the first, and strongest,  Interzonal in 1948 at Saltsjobaden  who survived an assassination attack during the tournament.  On the last day Bronstein was playing Tartakower. Suddenly, a Lithuanian made a lunge at Bronstein to kill him.  Several spectators grabbed him.  He wanted to murder all Russians because he claimed the Russians were responsible for sending his sister to Siberia and  murdering her.  Bronstein won the game and the Interzonal with a 13.5-5.5 score.  First place prize for the first interzonal was $550.  He wrote a classic book covering the 1953 Candidates Tournament in Zurich.  Many consider this the greatest chess book ever written.  Bronstein married Grandmaster Isaac Boleslavksy’s daughter.  He shared the USSR Championship in 1948 (with Kotov) and 1949 (with Smyslov).  In 1951 he tied the world championship match 12-12 with Botvinnik.  A tie match meant that the world champion would retain his title.  Thus, Bronstein became the man who came the closest to the world championship without winning it.  He played in 20 USSR championships. He is also famous for being able to beat even the top computers despite being in his 70's, even managing to defeat Deep Blue.

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