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Bruehl, Hans

Hans (John) Moritz von Bruehl was born on December 19, 1736 in Wiederau, Germany.  He was a general inspector of roads in Brandenburg and Pomerania.  He was the youngest son of count Heinrich von Bruehl (1700-1763).  He was Minister of Saxony in Germany and Ambassador to England, and lived in London.  He was one of the strongest players of the London chess club.  He gave support to Philidor.  He was a count.  In 1782, at the Parsloe’s, Philidor drew with Bruehl and defeated Dr. Thomas Bowdler blindfolded, simultaneously.  Philidor played several blindfold games against Bruehl throughout the years.  In 1788, Bruehl defeated Cotter and lost to General H. S. Conway in two chess matches in London.  In 1795, Philidor published a third edition of his chess book, L’analyse du jeu des Eschecs, and dedicated it to his friend and chess patron, Count Bruehl.  The count was also interested in music (a patron of musicians) and astronomy (he built his own observatory).  He was a colonel in the French service before the French Revolution of 1789.  He died in London on June 9, 1809. 

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