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Burn, Amos

Amos Burn (1848-1925) was one of the world’s top ten chess players between 1886 and 1912.  He learned chess at the age of 16 and was a pupil of Steinitz.  He was a cotton broker and a sugar broker from Liverpool and remained an amateur chess player.  He started his international chess career at the late age of 37.  He edited a chess column in The Field from 1913 to 1925.  He was a member of the Liverpool Chess Club from 1867 to 1925, serving as its president for many years.  His nickname was Bulldog or “The Highwayman.”  In 1871, he tied for 1st in the British Championship, but lost the play-off to Wisker.  In 1898, he won the 11th German Chess Federation championship in Cologne.  He was analyzing a chess game for his chess column when he died of a stroke.

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