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Chess has been played in Canada since at least 1759.  General Sir John Hale and General Wolfe played chess during the taking of Quebec in 1759.  The Montreal Chess Club was founded in 1844.  The Canadian Chess Association (CCA) was formed in 1872.   The first Canadian Chess Champion was Albert Ensor (1873).  The Canadian Correspondence Chess Association was founded in 1921.  The CCA transformed into the Canadian Chess Federation (CCF) in 1932.  The CCF transformed into the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) in 1945.

Some of Canada's greatest players were; Daniel (Abe) Yanowfsky (1925-2000), a Winnepegger, was the first Grandmaster in the Britsh Commonwealth, 8-time Canadian Champion, and 11 time Olympian, he beat Botvinnik in 1946; Kevin Spraggett (1954-), a Montrealer, 7-time Canadian Champion and 8-time Canadian Open Champion, Highest rated Canadian ever at 2633; Igor Ivanov (1947-2005) a Soviet defector, Grandmaster, 4-time Champion, second to Korchnoi in his match with Karpov in Merano; Lawrence Day (1949-), Canadian Champion and Senior Champion, World Open Winner, played in the Chess Olympiad a Canadian record of 13 times, IM and Honourary GM; Duncan Suttles (1945-), Canadian Champion, GM and GMC and 8 time Olympian; Maurice Fox (1898-1988), 8-time Canadian Champion, beat Bobby Fischer in the 1956 Canadian Championship and beat Capablanca in a Simul.


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    Sweet! I'm going to join that list one day...

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    Canadian chess rocks! Laughing

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    Note: even though it was Lawrence Day who holds the Canadian record for most appearances at the Olympiad, it's actually Daniel Yanofsky who has played the most games at Olympiads (141 games!) Cool (just a random fact)

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    I love Canada and I will come to Canada soon

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