Capablanca Chess

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Capablanca Chess is a chess variant invented by former world champion Jose Raul Capablanca. He was a strong natural talent and was beating everybody and got bored. He also thought that if grandmasters played each other they would get draws all the time. He created this variant, motivated by these things. This variant is more complex and richer. It is played on a 10x8 board and has two new pieces the archbishop, and the chancellor. The archbishop has powers of a bishop and knight. The chancellor combines the powers of the rook and knight. Suprisingly Capablanca was beaten by Maroczy at his own game. Capablanca chess has inspired a number of other variants. Hope you enjoyed this and feel free to comment!


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    Interest in Capablanca Chess probably waned after he lost the World Championship to Alekhine in 1927, which seemed to indicate that conventional chess was not yet played out, and 84 years later Capa still seems to be out of the loop here. It is interesting to read that Maroczy beat Capa at his own game, I'd like to know the source for this. 

    It's also interesting to note that Chess 960 seems to be way more popular than Capablanca Chess, which does sound like a more  interesting alternative to me than Chess 960. Of course, Capa's invention requires another board and new pieces (as well as more pieces), which is probably another reason why it never really caught on.

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    Yeah, all the online chess sites should really consider adding Capablanca/Seraiwan Chess.  It can't be that hard.  It is pretty bad that 960 isn't available for Live Chess as is.

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    alice chess is an awesome variant

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