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In 2003, former world champion Ruslan Ponomariov was kicked out of a chess tournament because his cell phone rang during the course of a match.  As per article 13.4 of the laws of chess, he was disqualified when his cell phone rang during a games against GM Evgeny Agrest of Sweden in a European Team Championship.  Ponomariov was the first player to be penalized under this law at a major event.  FIDE has banned players from carrying cell phones during chess matches as they can be used to receive advice on moves ad help access computer databases of moves online.  In 2004, the same thing happened to woman national master and tournament top seed Christine Castellano at the Philippine National Chess Championship.  Her phone rang in the middle of a match and she was disqualified.  Also in 2004, Agrest himself was disqualified when his cell phone rang.  There were rumors that Ponomariov was the one who called and said, “Now we are even.”

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