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A chess prodigy is a chess player that has amazing talent and will hopefully be a strong GM in the future. Usually they learn chess at early ages such as 5 or sometimes start rather late such as 10 or 11. Sadly lots of chess prodigies don't fulfill their meaning because they are sidelined with distractions like video games or ruined by drugs. If every chess prodigy would reach their potential we would have quite a few Magnus Carlsens! Some of the most promising child prodigies today are Americans Awonder Liang and Samuel Sevian.


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    What's the source for Reshevsky being the world's strongest player for five years? And what 5 years? BTW Reshevsky was undoubtedly THE strongest US player after Fine retired until Fischer drew him in a match in 1961. 

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    "well reshevsky was the US strongest player from 1936 when he won the US open until 1942." 

    Who was the strongest US player from 1943-1961?  (HINT: RESHEVSKY)

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    @pirometro si yo tambien, carlsen es un prodigio.

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    I can think of no more suitable epithet for Morphy than to call him the Newton of chess. As Bobby Fischer hav said, he would've beaten anybody alive today if he had the grace of living in the chess world of today.

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    SO LAME!!!!!!!!!

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    Wish I could be a Protigy, if only someone would teach me.

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