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Opening play is often designated by the terms Open, Semi-Open or Closed. In Open games--marked by 1. e4 e5--both sides try to develop quickly and start an attack. In Semi-Open games (Sicilian, French, Caro-Kann etc.) Black tries to slow down White's opening momentum. Closed games are marked by White trying to prepare a breakthrough in the center and attack only after careful development. Usually, closed games start with 1. d4, 1. Nf3, 1. c4, 1. f4 or 1. b3. Anything but 1. e4 will be, by definition, "closed."

The decision to play an Open or Closed game is one of personal comfort with the type of middlegame you get from the opening you start out with.


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    Ooops, should be entitled "closed game"

    Oh well.

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    keep it OPEN

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    If it's open, something might get out! Surprised

    Actually, I open with e4 myself. But if you don't have a good defense to the closed games, your opponents will walk all over you. Cry

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    I don't see that any of this makes much sense. Most openings (and  I'm talking about more than the first move when I speak about an "opening"  ) can transpose into open or closed positions.

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