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The first newspaper to publish a chess column was the Liverpool Mercury.  The chess column appeared on July 9, 1813 and ended on August 20,1814.   Egerton Smith (1774-1841), founder of the Mercury in 1811, wrote the chess column from July 9, 1813 to August 20, 1814.  The first chess column to appear in a magazine was written by George Walker for the Lancet in 1823.  Due to a lack of popularity, it disappeared after less than a year.  The first column to establish itself was that of George Walker in Bells Life.  It ran from 1834 to 1873.  A chess column first appeared in the weekly Illustrated London News on June 25, 1842.  Howard Staunton was its chess columnist from February,1845 to 1878.  The last major chess columnist was B. H. Wood, who was its chess columnist until 1979.  Chess coverage ended in 1987.  The first American chess column appeared in 1845 in the New York Spirit of the Times.  It was written by Stanley.

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