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e4 is played by White to develop his pieces rapidly and castle. e4 is a good move for beginners! You learn to develop quickly and to attack, since it opens up the Queen and Bishop. If met by e5, you have what's called an "open game." Then the most popular second move is Nf3, though other 2nd moves are fully playable: d4; f4; Bc4; and Nc3.

If Black does not answer with e5, you have a "semi-open game." The most popular semi-open defences start with 1. ... c5 (Sicilian); e6 (French); c6 (Caro-Kann); d6 (Pirc); g6 (Modern); Nf6 (Aljechin); Nc6 (Nimzovitch); d5 (Scandinavian); and b6 (Owens).


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    I prefer d4 ... but e4 is indeed a good opening move for beginners

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    The opening lines after d4 tend to be calmer than those following e4 (Think: Sicilian Defense as opposed to Dutch Defense, Vienna Game as opposed to King's Indian Defense). Of course there are sharp variations to pretty much every opening, but the most dangerous openings where the most memorization is needed tend to arise from e4. Just for that reason I would suggest d4 to beginners.

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    I'm a 1450 and I prefer e4 still because of the tactical games it leads too, for me you can't play chess without tactics.

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    I prefer 1.d4. But after e4 I like Ne2 alapin opening. The Knight on e2 serves a very important purpose.

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    It may be best for beginners to play a variety of opening moves. Otherwise, they'll think of chess as far more limited in its possibilities than it is. They will also fail to develop skills in facing openings other than their few favorites.

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    I started with d4, I found it good because it gave a simple game to learn concepts like trying to control the center and etc. I would recommend d4 to beginners.

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