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Eliskases, Erich

Erich Gottlieb Eliskases (1913-1997) was Austrian chess champion (1929) and Grandmaster who remained in Argentina during a chess Olympiad after World War II broke out.  In 1934, he was the Hungarian chess champion.  In 1938 and 1939, he was the German chess champion. For a time, he was considered a likely contender for the world title.  In 1941, the Nazi regime had scheduled Eliskases to play Alekhine for the world chess championship.  He was given the title of International Master in 1950 and Grandmaster in 1952.  Eliskases has beaten both Capablanca, Euwe (twice), and Fischer.  He played chess for three different countries in Olympiads: Austria, Germany, and Argentina.  He could have played for Brazil as well, but turned it down.  He learned chess at the age of 12.

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