En passant

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En passant (from French: "in passing") is a maneuver in chess which is performed after a player moves a pawn two squares forward from its starting position, and an opposing pawn captures it as if it had only moved one square.  En passant may only be played immediately after a two-square square pawn advance, or the right to capture "in passing" is lost.

After pawns were granted the ability to move two squares on their first move, the En passant rule was introduced in 1490 to prevent pawns from having too much power or freedom.

Here is an example:

 In the second diagram, White can NOT capture en passant:

White can not take here though:
En passant captures are use in chess composition. Many Retrograde analysis problems utilize this fancy captures.
Black could only have moved c7-c5 last move, allowing 1.bxc6 e.p.# 


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    Tongue outyeah, fun

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #62


    Thank you for your guidance, I thaought it is an illegal move ( En Passant ). Now after loosing my Queen I learned it in an expensive way.

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #63


    everydays a school day

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #64


    i thout it was cheating to

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #65


    Only the pawns can capture en passant? Darn, I was counting on using a rook to capture my opponents pawn en passant and I thought the softwaqre was buggy for not letting me do it.

    I guess it's my brain that's buggy. I think I should maybe get an upgrade.

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    ayos to pre parang dama langCool

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #69


    no entiendo ni un .....

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #70


    If both players know about this rule then why would anyone want to be put in this situation?

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #71


    whenever I use this on someone they always freak out.

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  • 6 years ago · Quote · #73


    This move can change everything in endgames

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #74


    last time,when i was a complete idiot in chess,someone just captured my queen without moving into her square!i said he was a god damned cheater,but he said it was called queen en passant.i feel cheated now because i beleived him then.noooooo!lost a game because of my stupidity.i hate myself

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    never seen that move in amateur and master game. still try to figure it out what can i learn from this

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #76


    thanks, ive been wanting to see an example so its easier to understand. ive played chess for years and have never herd of this than just a month ago.Smile

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #77


    how is the move done from my computer? i had it done on me twice I knew it was legal, but I didn't think that it was able to be done on this game. Please let me know how to make this move in my games.

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    it's a nice trick

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    I know this move but today's the only day i've used it

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    Very good I think I know how and when t use this!

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