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An Endgame Study is a composed problem in an endgame position that contains an aesthetic solution, and is usually hard to find. There are many such studies, and famous composers include GM Pal Benko, Ladislav Prokes,Richard Reti,and Alexei Troitsky. Here is an example of one of the most famous studies of all time



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    Why white cant try for draw? After 4 ... R b3 ch  5 K c2 black can go for 5 ... R b2 ch. And subsequently too he can go for perpetual checks as long as White king is on c1 and c2 squares. If white king moves to c3 the black rook can come to b1 and thereafter to c1, the skewer square.

    The point is, in order to stop black rook to move to c1 square  white king has  to be at one square distance from that square i. e. either on d1 or d2 which black can well prevent by giving checks perpetually.

    Or am I missing something?


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    Why would you not make the pawn into a queen?Undecided It has the same abilities as a rook and more! It can't hurt...

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    it did in this position...

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    If He moved c8 = Q then Rc4+

    So he'll have to get the king out of check by taking the Rook with his queen and if he did this it's a draw by stalmate

    or moving the king away and the rook will just take the queen

    but with a rock he wouldn't have this problem that's why :)

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